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With over a decade-long of experience in the field of translation combined with a deep understanding and accumulated knowledge of translation tactics and techniques, we cosset every translation project to perfect deliverables.

Most of our translations projects are distributed amongst our in-house translators to help us maintain our competitive rates and produce a quality that is nonpareil. For other language pairs, we assign them to our approved partners.

We do NOT translate every language on earth! Our in-house translators can handle UN official languages and most of EU official languages. A special focus is given to language transferral between these languages and the Arabic language.

UN Languages

In-House Linguists

Certified & Sworn

EU Languages

CAT Tools

Competitive Rates

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Our Project Cycle Keeps Your Budget At Bay

Thanks to our in-house linguists and personnel, we could reduce our overhead expenses and overall costs, and maintain the standard quality of our deliverables.

Technical Translation

  • Manuals
  • Games
  • Software
  • Specifications
  • Instructions
  • Electronics

Medical Translation

  • Medical reports
  • Medical history
  • Diagnosis
  • Prescriptions
  • Medical articles
  • Researches

Literature Translation

  • Books
  • Novels
  • Manuscripts
  • Plays
  • Letters
  • Biographies

Financial Translation

  • Annual reports
  • Business plans
  • Tenders
  • Accounting 
  • Procurement 
  • Finance

Legal Translation

  • Contracts and Agreements
  • Letters of Authorisation
  • Laws and regulations
  • Court judgments
  • Notarial deeds
  • Official documents

We do not sell just a service, but also a quality.


All projects have to go through our strict quality assurance process to keep the quality of work up to our standards. Our work starts even before starting off. Once the client contacts us and explain their needs and requirements, our in-house linguists analyse and evaluate the project to estimate the needed timeframe and actual work needed to help our clients keep their budget at bay.

After all requirements are confirmed and receiving the client’s confirmation, a project manager is assigned and a dedicated team is allocated. The project manager will serve as the focal point whose mission is to communicate the requests of client, oversee the progress of work, and make sure the translation is error free and ready to submit on time.



Our long work experience in the translation industry tells us that each translation project has its own requirements and allocated budget, and often clients pay more than they should. As we believe our clients should make informed decisions and to help them keep their wallet at bay, we have created tailored translation packages so as rates reflect the actual services provided and meet the different needs of clients.


  • Very much affordable
  • Quick turnaround
  • A dedicated translator
  • Summary translation
  • Accept changes within 2 days from delivery
  • Free proofreading


  • Cheap rates
  • Flexible deadlines
  • A dedicated team
  • Thorough translation
  • Accept changes within 3 days from delivery
  • Free proofreading

Rush Hour

  • Competitive rates
  • Urgent deadlines
  • A dedicated team
  • Thorough translation
  • Accept changes within 5 days from delivery
  • Free proofreading

Peak Time

  • Cost effective
  • High availability
  • A dedicated team
  • Thorough translation
  • Accept changes within 7 days from delivery
  • Free proofreading and editing

Why Us

Certified and Sworn Translation

Lingo Shack™ Jordan is registered as a certified translation agency that can certify the translation of any official documents. We have full-time in-house sworn translators who are authorized by the Foreign Office to translate official documents and give such translation a formal status by the authorities.

In-House Linguists

Lingo Shack™ relies on its in-house translators, editors, and linguists to maintain its rates as low as possible, assure the quality of its deliverables, and protect the privacy of clients. This is one of the distinguishing features that sets us apart from other language services providers and translation agencies.


Human Translation

Lingo Shack™ guarantees a quality human translation thanks to our in-house and contracted licensed linguists. We believe in technology and use CAT tools to help our work be more efficient but we never trust machine translation, because translation needs context and has a culture that no machine can understand.

Mandatory NDA

Lingo Shack™ has a strict privacy policy and a detailed code of business ethics that obliges its in-house personnel and contracted parties to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. We have handled heaps of top classified and high-level projects so as we appreciate the sensitivity of information and that every letter matters.

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